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Senate: why the secrecy? | The News International

Constitution-making in Pakistan took around nine years before the Constituent Assembly passed the first constitution on February 29..............

Keywords:Bicameral legislature, Voting secrecy

Caretaker system’s future | Dawn News

The national sentiment seems to be strongly opposed to the continuation of the current constitutional arrangement of appointing caretaker governments at the federal and provincial level..............

Keywords: Caretaker Set-up, Constitutional arrangement

A matter of form | Dawn News

At the centre of the raging controversy over the Feb 8 election results are two forms prescribed..............

Keywords: Integrity of Election, Delayed in Election Results

Will instability be Pakistan’s political hallmark? | Arab News

Following Pakistan’s general election on February 8, the federal and four provincial governments are expected to be formed in Pakistan latest by the beginning of March..............

Keywords: political instability, Pakistan

Delay in election results | Dawn News

Elections results are generally a contentious affair in Pakistan. Although the first general election in 1970 is considered to have been relatively fair..............

Keywords: Elections 2024, ECP

Candidates for Election 2024 | Dawn News

Now that the final list of contesting candidates has been released by the Election Commission of Pakistan, it has emerged that an unprecedented number of candidates..............

Keywords: Contesting Candidates for GE 2024, Higher Number of Independents

How personalities overshadow key issues in Pakistani elections? | Arab News

Issues are generally of secondary importance in Pakistani elections which are usually dominated by debate around personalities. In the 1977 national election..............

Keywords: GE 2024 Election , Shadow of Personalities in Elections

How is politics funded in Pakistan? | Dawn News

The promised poll of Feb 8 is two months away. It is around this time that the collection and spending of funds by election candidates..............

Keywords: Funding of the Political parties, GE 2024 Election Updates

Imran’s exit as party head and its political fallout for Pakistan | Arab News

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) – is facing yet another grave legal and political crisis after the country’s election commission refused..............

Keywords: Intra-Party Election, Crises for Imran Khan

Scrutinising intra-party polls | Dawn News

The Election Commission of Pakistan recently declared the intra-party elections held by the PTI on June 10, 2022, to be invalid because the party..............

Keywords: Intra Party Elections, Role of ECP

Level playing field? | Dawn News

IT is both fair and legitimate to demand a level playing field for the coming, and for that matter every, election. The PTI, being the aggrieved party since..............

Keywords: General Election 2024, Level Playing Field, Electoral Neutrality

In Pakistan, the revival of student unions could transform political culture | Arab...

When the highest decision-making syndicate of one of Pakistan’s top higher education institutions, Quaid-e-Azam University..............

Keywords: Student Unions, Democratic culture

The making of manifestos | Dawn News

This is the season when political parties generally produce their election manifestos. Over the past many elections, this has been more a ritual than a substantive exercise..............

Keywords: Election Manifestos, General Election 2024,

Census and election | Dawn News

I was surprised a few months ago when some otherwise very knowledgeable persons, well versed in the law and the electoral process, criticised the government of the day..............

Keywords: Census 2023, General Election 2024

Election time and another homecoming for Nawaz Sharif | Arab News

In all likelihood, three-time former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif will land in Pakistan on Saturday after four years to lead PML-N’s election campaign..............

Keywords: Nawaz sharif, Returns

Pakistan’s coming elections and the economy | Arab News

Uncertainty about the upcoming general election in Pakistan has somewhat subsided after the Election Commission announced that polls would be held in the last week..............

Gallup survey, economy of Pakistan, upcoming GE 2024

Time for a Review of the Constitution to Weed out Anomalies! | Pide

Recently, two constitutional issues cropped up which generated a heated debate that continues to-date without a satisfactory resolution in sight...............

Keywords: President refusal to sign bills , Constitutional gap, Delimitation

Excluding party leaders | Dawn News

STRONG exception was taken by civil society, the media and at least one large political party to what the caretaker prime minister appears to have said in response to a question...............

Keywords: Free and Fair Elections 2024, Popular Political Leaders, statement of PM Kakar

Electoral gender gap | Dawn News

THE good news is that the gender gap among registered voters is narrowing with every new release of the electoral rolls. The latest registered voters’ statistics of July 25..............

Keywords: Gender Gap, Electoral Rolls, Women Voter Turnout

Strong international implications of Pakistan’s deferred elections | Arab News

Despite the fact that the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies of two Pakistani provinces Sindh and Balochistan were dissolved more than a month ago and the other two..............

Keywords: Election commission of Pakistan

Dismissing the Constitution | Dawn News

This is an extraordinary phase of Pakistan’s political life. None of the five directly elected legislatures are in place and both the federation and the four provinces..............

Keywords: The constitutional right, Caretaker government, Polls within 90 days

Dismissing the Constitution | Dawn News

THIS is an extraordinary phase of Pakistan’s political life. None of the five directly elected legislatures are in place and both the federation and the four provinces are being governed by unelected caretaker governments..............

Keywords: Caretaker governments, Elections

Electricity bills: Pakistan’s crisis in a crisis | Arab News

The electricity bills’ crisis in Pakistan could not have come at a worse time. The elected National Assembly was dissolved about three weeks ago and a caretaker government with limited constitutional..............

Keywords: Electricity crisis, Protests on electricity bills

From Promises to Progress Rethinking Political Party Manifestos | UNDP

The current National Assembly is set to complete its five-year Tterm on the 12th ofAugust, with the General Election to the National and four Provincial Assemblies scheduled to take place two months after the assembly completes its term..............

Keywords: political parties manifesto, election manifestoes

Dubious distinctions for Pakistan’s outgoing national assembly | Arab News

Democratic order in Pakistan just crossed another milestone on August 10, when the country’s 15th National Assembly was dissolved by the President of the country on the binding advice of the Prime Minister just two days before the assembly..............

Keywords: performance of 15th national assembly, Dissolution of 15th national assembly

Any election delays in Pakistan now will be outright dangerous | Arab News

The five-year term of the national and two provincial assemblies in Pakistan is coming to an end in the second week of August after which the election is required to be held within 60 days to elect new assemblies, according to the country’s constitution................

Keywords: General elections 2023, caretaker government 2023

Debating caretaker set-ups | Dawn

THE framers of the original 1973 Constitution had apparently visualised Pakistan as a normal democratic state, and therefore, did not include any provision for a caretaker government during elections...............

Keywords: Caretaker government 2023, History of caretaker government

Elections and public scepticism | Dawn

This scepticism emanates from two possible sources. The Constitution requires that the election to the two dissolved provincial assemblies (Punjab and KP) be conducted within 90 days of dissolution. But the election was not held..............

Keywords: Elections , public scepticism

Discussing poll reforms just 38 days before end of NA term | The News

IT was somewhat surprising to see a Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms (PCER) becoming active just 38 days before the National Assembly completes its five-year term, and starting deliberations on new electoral reforms...............

Keywords: poll reforms

Could Nawaz Sharif return to the PM house? | Arab News

Self-exiled Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s three-time prime minister and the de facto head of his Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz (PML-N) party that leads the federal coalition government in the country at present.............

Keywords: Nawaz Sharif disqualification, the Elections Amendment Act 2023

Budget and parliament | Dawn

IN Pakistan, this time of the year is a regular reminder of how farcical the role of parliament has become when it comes to ensuring that the annual budget reflects genuine public aspirations and priorities.............

Keywords: Budget process, Article 84

Missing legislative transparency | Dawn

A COUPLE of years ago, an innovative parliamentary reporter stood outside the Punjab Assembly and asked — on camera — the members emerging from the building to describe, in a sentence or two, the law they had passed a few minutes ago.............

Keywords: Legislative transparency, Legislation

Another court | Dawn

ARE constitutional courts an idea whose time has come in Pakistan? The proposal to constitute one was seriously presented in the Charter of Democracy signed by Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in 2006 after the Supreme Court legitimised the 1999 military coup. ...........

Keywords: Constitutional Court, Constitution of Pakistan

Pakistan’s security gaps came to the surface on May 9 | Arab News

The serious implications of the unprecedented incidents of violence and arson which happened in various cities and cantonments of Pakistan on May 9 have probably not been fully comprehended yet.........

Keywords: May 9 incident, Attacks on military installations, Imran Khan arrest

Is delaying elections an option? | PIDE

The year 2023 is supposed to be the year of National and Provincial Elections in Pakistan. The National Assembly and the four Provincial Assemblies were elected on 25th July 2018 and the members of these Assemblies...........

Keywords: Delay in General elections, political uncertainty, ECP, Supreme Court

کیا توہینِ پارلیمان کا مجوزہ قانون ایوان کو تحفظ فراہم کرپائے گا؟ | ڈان

قومی اسمبلی نے توہینِ مجلس شوریٰ (پارلیمنٹ) بل 2023ء منظور کرلیا۔ تاہم قانون بننے سے قبل یہ بل ابھی سینیٹ اور صدر مملکت کی جانب سے منظور ہونا باقی ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Keywords: Contempt of Parliament, Supreme Court, Parliament

Contempt of parliament | Dawn

IN an unprecedented move, the National Assembly passed the Contempt of Majlis-i-Shoora (Parliament) Bill, 2023, on May 15. The bill will, however, need to be passed by the Senate and receive...........

Keywords: Contempt of Parliament, Supreme Court, Parliament

Another controversial census? | Dawn

THE ongoing seventh population census in Pakistan is extraordinary in many respects. It is the first census Which is taking place after the shortest interval (six years) since the last census in 2017. ...........

Keywords: Population Census 2023, 7th Population Census

SCO conference in India: Should Bilawal Goa? | Arab News

The debate in Pakistan was raging even before Pakistan’s Foreign Office confirmed that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will himself lead the delegation to the Conference of Foreign Ministers of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (CFM-SCO)........

Keywords: Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Pakistan and India relations, Foreign affairs

A work in progress | Dawn

DURING the past 50 years, the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan has been amended 23 times — an amendment every two years on average. This is no surprise as the constitution of any country is a dynamic document and amendments are made in response...........

Keywords: Constitutional Amendments, History of Constitution

COMMENT: Where do we go from here? | Dawn

The Supreme Court has finally spo­ken on and quashed the Elec­tion Commission of Pakistan’s decision of March 22 to delay the Punjab Assembly election to October 8. But has it?...........

Keywords: Supreme court, elections of Punjab, ECP

Pakistan’s inter-institutional strains are tearing it apart | Arab News

Pakistan is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis over relations between the judiciary and the executive. Strains and turf-wars between any two organs of the state are not unusual. The executive, judiciary and legislature........

Keywords: Inter-institutional relations, State pillars, Judiciary

Lessons from past crises | Dawn

PAKISTAN’S political crisis is deepening with every passing day. The fact that the Punjab Assembly election that was scheduled for April 30 has been delayed to Oct 8 by the Election Commission has further vitiated the political climate...........

Keywords: political crisis, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Upcoming Elections and Political Turmoil in Pakistan | Asian Democracy Research Network (ADRN)

As the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) delayed a key provincial election due to financial and security-related issues, a potential constitutional crisis looms over the country. ...........

Keywords: political turmoil in Pakistan, political crisis

How the population census could impact Pakistan’s coming elections | Arab News

This is election year in Pakistan. The dates for the election of provincial assemblies in the two provinces – Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have already been set for April 30 and May 28 respectively. This is also census year in the country........

Keywords: Population census, Digital census 2023

Kept in the dark | Dawn

If one goes by the poll dates fixed by the president of Pakistan and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor for election to the provincial assemblies of Punjab and KP, about 74 percent...........

Keywords: Gallup exit poll, National assembly

کیا موجودہ بحران سے نکلنے کی کوئی راہ ہے؟ | ڈان

پاکستان نے ماضی میں بہت سی مشکلات کا سامنا کیا ہے جن میں 1968ء کی معاشی بدحالی، سیاسی نظام کی حقیقی یا انجینیئرڈ خرابی جس کا انجام بلآخر ہم نے 1958ء، 1977ء اور 1999ء میں مارشل لا کی صورت میں دیکھا، 1968ء میں عوامی مظاہروں کے بعد قومی سلامتی کے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Key Words: General elections in KP and Punjab, Punjab Assembly, KP Assembly

Elections in Pakistan will not necessarily herald stability | Arab News

Pakistan’s constitution requires that the election of a national or provincial assembly must be held within 90 days if it is prematurely dissolved before its term concludes. The provincial assembly of the largest province........

Keywords: Political turmoil in Pakistan, Elections in Pakistan

Is there a way out? | Dawn

PAKISTAN has encountered many difficulties in the past, including a near meltdown of its economy in 1968; a real or engineered breakdown of the political system, .......

Keywords: General elections in KP and Punjab, Punjab Assembly, KP Assembly

Alvi move plunges country into crisis | The News

The country has plunged deeper into a constitutional-cum-political crisis after President Arif Alvi unilaterally announced the date for the election of the two provincial assemblies in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Key Words: Punjab and KP polls, ECP, President

The rocky road between Pakistan’s judiciary and parliament needs fixing | Arab News

Most democratic countries, whether based on parliamentary or presidential systems, stand on three distinct pillars of the state with their well-defined areas of work........

Keywords: Inter-Institutional relations, interference of judiciary, CJP remarks on parliament

Elusive common ground | Dawn

Pakistan has seen several extreme levels of confrontation between political actors in its 75 years of existence. A mammoth people’s movement had mobilised against the 10-year-long.......

Keywords: Political consensus, political parties

Staggered elections | Dawn

Pakistan has never experienced a staggered general election with polls to one or more provincial assemblies taking place months apart from polls to the National Assembly.......

Keywords: General elections 2023, ECP

Poll credibility | Dawn

The first major test of the current Election Commission, in fact, the entire nation, is less than 90 days away. With the dissolution of the provincial assemblies of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the.......

Keywords: ECP, General election, Dissolution of Punjab and KP Assembly

Navigating Political Anxiety through Gendered Interventions | UNDP

In order to answer the above question of whether electronic voting machines (EVMs) should be incorporated into the electoral process of Pakistan, we should first make some basic queries and then based on the answers to these try to analyse the.......

Keywords: EVM, ECP, Electronic Voting Machine

Parliament’s tumultuous year | Dawn

EVEN by Pakistani standards, where there is never a dull moment in politics and parliament, 2022 was an extraordinarily tumultuous year. Our 15 National Assemblies have experienced a lot of shocks over the past 75 years — from.......

Keywords: Performance of parliament, History of Parliament, National Assembly performance

EVMs: An Expensive Proposition Without Any Substantive Benefits | PIDE

In order to answer the above question of whether electronic voting machines (EVMs) should be incorporated into the electoral process of Pakistan, we should first make some basic queries and then based on the answers to these try to analyse the.......

Keywords: EVM, ECP, Electronic Voting Machine

آئین کی کن دفعات اور کن حالات میں ’ایمرجنسی‘ کا نفاذ ممکن ہے؟ |...

................ہر گزرتے دن کے ساتھ پاکستان تحریک انصاف (پی ٹی آئی) کی 2 صوبائی حکومتوں اور وفاقی حکومت کے درمیان دشمنی کی کیفیت بڑھتی ہی جا رہی ہے۔ فریقین ہر آئینی حربہ آزما رہے ہیں۔ بعض اوقات آئینی اختیارات کو حدود سے بڑھ کر بھی استعمال کیا.......

Keywords: Emergency provisions, Governor rule, Constitution of Pakistan

Emergency provisions | Dawn

WITH each passing day, the state of animosity between the PTI, along with the two provincial governments it controls, and the federal government, that is composed of a multiparty coalition, is getting more intense. Both parties are trying all........

Keywords: Emergency provisions, Governor rule, Constitution of Pakistan

Can the youth vote impact Pakistan’s next election? | Arab News

Pakistan is one of the youngest countries of the world with a median age of around 22 years. It is the 36th youngest country among the 227 countries of the world and the sixth youngest in Asia. In South Asia,........

Keywords: Youth voters, Youth

Timing of the next election | Dawn

FORMER prime minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan is relentlessly continuing his campaign, in one way or the other, to push Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Sindh and Balochistan chief ministers ...........

Key Words: General elections 2023, early elections, Dissolution of provincial assemblies

ہم جمہوریت کے لیے کتنی بڑی ’قیمت‘ ادا کررہے ہیں؟ | ڈان

پارلیمنٹ کے کیلنڈر کے برعکس، پنجاب کی صوبائی اسمبلی گزشتہ 7 ماہ سے سیشن میں ہی ہے۔ اگرچہ اسے 40ویں، 41ویں اور 42ویں سیشنز میں تقسیم کردیا گیا ہے لیکن ان سیشنز کے درمیان صرف ایک دن کا وقفہ ہے جو اسے عملی طور پر اسمبلی...........

Key Words: Long March expenses, Punjab Assembly long sessions, National Assembly performance

How expensive is democracy? | Dawn

CONTRARY to the parliamentary calendar of the legislature, the Punjab provincial assembly has been continuously in session for the last seven months. Although divided into three sessions...........

Key Words: Long March expenses, Punjab Assembly long sessions, National Assembly performance

Toshakhana controversy | Dawn

‘TOSHAKHANA’ — the local definition of the state treasury where gifts received by state officials are deposited — was not a very familiar term in our political discourse. But it has suddenly sprung up in the media and is being passionately debated everywhere...........

Key Words: Toshakhan, ECP, Imran Khan

Will early elections resolve the stalemate in Pakistan? | Arab News

The pivot around which Imran Khan’s entire protest movement revolves is the demand for an early general election in Pakistan. General election is the term used for election........

Key Words: early elections, PTI, political parties

Voter turnout fault lines | Dawn

VOTER turnout is as vital a sign of the political health of democracy as is blood pressure in a human body. Pakistan has consistently experienced three major fault lines...........

Key Words: Voter turnout

Here comes another expensive long march to Islamabad | Arab News

Long March’ has by now become an established tradition of Pakistani politics. Various political parties give different brand names to such marches such as ‘Azadi March’ of JUI-F in 2019........

Key Words: Long March, PTI

Why this conflict? | Dawn

SOMETIMES we feel overwhelmed by the multifaceted conflicts in our society and wonder whether it is unique to us or if the situation is more or less the same in other countries and therefore there is no need to be unduly alarmed...........

Key Words: conflict, parliamentary system, civil-military relations

Multiple candidacies | Dawn

THE by-elections held on Oct 16 were extraordinary for a number of reasons. First, the constituencies were arbitrarily picked for re-election by accepting the resignations of only 11 out of 123 PTI..........

Key Words: by-election 2022, contest in multiple constituencies, ECP

Deciding election dates | Dawn

A FACTOR critical in deciding the outcome of an election is the time when it is held. The power to fix the election schedule is, therefore, considered important in democracies..........

Key Words: ECP, Local government elections, by-elections

The farce of intra-party elections in Pakistan | Arab News

South Asia’s oldest political party – Indian National Congress (INC) – is about to hold the historic election of its new President. It is historic because for the first time in the post-independence history of this 137-year-old party........

Key Words: Intra party elections, Internal democracy, political parties

سول ملٹری تعلقات میں بہتری کے لیے یہ ٹھیک وقت کیوں ہے؟ | ڈان

سابق وزیرِاعظم عمران خان کے پاس تو شاید ’اسٹیبلشمنٹ‘ پر تنقید کرنے کی اپنی ہی کوئی وجہ ہو لیکن یہ حقیقت ہے کہ سول ملٹری تعلقات ایک طویل عرصے سے موضوع بحث رہے ہیں۔ تاہم عمران خان نے اس پر جس انداز میں کُھل کر بات کی ہے ایسا ملکی تاریخ میں پہلے کبھی نہیں ہوا۔

Key Words: Civil-military relations, political parties, establishment

Time for a new beginning | Dawn

FORMER prime minister Imran Khan may have his own reasons to lash out at the ‘establishment’, but the fact is that the subject of civil-military relations has been around for a long time.........

Key Words: Civil Military relations, Political leaders, Establishment

There is no moral case for Pakistan’s large cabinet | Arab News

With the latest addition of two Special Assistants, the extended cabinet of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif including Ministers, Ministers of State, Advisors and Special Assistants.......

Key Words: Federal Cabinet, History of Federal Cabinet

Do parties understand youth bulge? | Dawn

PAKISTAN is the 46th youngest country with a median age of 20.4 years among 237 countries and territories in the world, according to UN Population Division statistics released this year. Among nine (if Iran is included) South Asian countries,

Key Words: Young voters, young candidates, Youth voter turnout

How are political parties funded in Pakistan? | Arab News

The funding of political parties in Pakistan has been in the news since the ‘prohibited funding case’ against Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) was filed some eight years ago. The subject however, came into sharper focus when the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)

Key Words: Funding of political parties, ECP

Unceasing political vendetta | Dawn

WE have a history of political feuds and vendetta that run through generations. It may be difficult to pinpoint the origins of the politics of vendetta but the misuse of laws and state institutions to settle political scores started as early as 1949 when Proda

Key Words: History of Political Parties, Political Vendetta, Political Victimization

ECP: after the verdict | Dawn

THE Election Commission of Pakistan recently passed an important order in the eight-year-old prohibited funding case instituted against the PTI on the complaint of one of its founder members, who contended that the party was receiving and managing funds in gross violation of the law.

Key Words: ECP, PTI Prohibited funding case

Lessons in party fund-raising | The News

Probably for the first time in the country’s history, public attention has been drawn towards the critical but largely neglected subject of political finance through the recent judgment of the Election Commission of Pakistan

Key Words: Political parties funding, ECP, Prohibited funding

Short-changing Provincial Autonomy | Dawn

MORE than anything else, it was our inability to manage the provincial aspirations for autonomy which resulted in the break-up of the country in 1971. Even today, despite having undergone a major constitutional makeover in the form of the 18th......

Key Words: 18th Amendment, Provincial autonomy, history of Federalism

The Facade Of True Representation | Dawn

IT makes every Pakistani immensely proud that the country came into being through a democratic process, but it remains to be seen whether we carried the process through and used it to become a developed society.

Key Words: History of Parliaments of Pakistan, History of Civil-Military relations, Democracy

What follows ECP verdict | The News

Finally, after an eight-year-long wait, the ECP has spoken on the Prohibited Funding Case instituted against the PTI on a complaint by Akbar S Babar, one of the founding members of the party.

Key Words: PTI, Prohibited funding case, ECP

What does the change in Punjab really entail? | Arab News

Punjab is not just the largest province of Pakistan. Its population is greater than the population of the other three provinces put together. It has the highest GDP and the bulk of the country’s armed forces – the most powerful institution of the nuclear state – also comes from the province. Any political change in the province reflects on the entire national political scene in Pakistan.

Key Words: CM Punjab, PML, Ch. Pervaiz Elahi

Institutions crumbling? | Dawn

AS Pakistan gets ready to celebrate its 75th birthday, a range of institutions seem to have developed cracks manifesting decay that needs urgent repair. The institutions, both state and non-state, in many developed and developing countries face similar challenges but hardly is there a country where the crumbling of various organs of state is witnessed simultaneously.

Key Words: State institutions, Judiciary, PTI foreign funding

After the by-elections | Arab News

Pakistan has seldom experienced such passionately contested by-elections as were seen last Sunday in 20 Provincial Assembly constituencies of Pakistan’s largest province, Punjab. The contest was between arch rivals Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) seeking to reclaim the government of Punjab

Key Words: By-elections 2022, PTI, PML-N

By-elections and more | Dawn

IT may seem that it is just 20, or some five per cent, of the total 371 seats of the Punjab Assembly which are at stake in this Sunday’s by-elections, but, in fact, a lot more is at risk — not only in the province but also at the national level.

Key Words: By-elections 2022, ECP, PTI

Rethinking the presidency | Dawn

SOME of the recent actions by the president of Pakistan have revived the debate about the role of the president in a parliamentary system of government — specifically in our kind of parliamentary system.

Key Words: Presidential System in Pakistan

Election: early warnings | Dawn

GENERAL elections may be 16 months away if the existing legislatures complete their full five-year term but election season seems to have already hit the country.

Key Words: LG elections, by-elections, ECP

Pakistan splitting governance on party lines | Arab News

In a democracy anywhere in the world, dates set aside for debate and approval of the annual Budget are considered sacrosanct and both ruling and opposition parties look forward to expressing their views on the government’s most important policy document.

Key Words: Punjab Assembly, Punjab Budget session, Governor Punjab

کیا بجٹ کی تیاری میں اسمبلیوں کا کوئی کردار ہوتا ہے؟ | ڈان

ہماری پارلیمنٹ کے دونوں ایوانوں اور چاروں صوبائی اسمبلیوں میں بجٹ اجلاس ہورہے ہیں۔ جون کے مہینے کے لیے مختص یہ روایت اگلے ایک سے 2 ہفتوں میں مکمل ہوجائے گی۔ ویسے تو بجٹ کی منظوری کا کریڈٹ (یا الزام) قومی اور صوبائی اسمبلیوں کو جائے گا لیکن یہاں یہ سوال پیدا ہوتا ہے کہ کیا بجٹ کی منظوری سے قبل اس کی تیاری اور نظرِثانی کے اہم مراحل میں ان منتخب ایوانوں کا کوئی کردار ہوتا ہے؟

Key Words: Parliamentary budget process, budget, Parliament

Budget: is parliament relevant? | Dawn

BOTH Houses of our national parliament, and the four provincial assemblies, have been holding their budget sessions. This yearly ritual reserved for the month of June will be over in the next one to two weeks. Formally, the national and provincial assemblies will be credited (or blamed) for passing the budget, but do the elected Houses have anything to do with the formulation, scrutiny or review — the essential steps prior to approval — of the budget?

Key Words: Parliamentary budget process, budget, Parliament

Austerity & legislators’ perks | Dawn

AS the date for the annual budget presentation in parliament approached against the backdrop of the deepening economic crisis, the salaries and perks enjoyed by state functionaries came under renewed discussion and scrutiny. Sensing the public mood, the chair of at least one Senate standing committee voluntarily surrendered the petrol allowance for his state-provided vehicle for the next six months.

Key Words: Salaries & Allowances of MPs, Perks of MPs, Parliament

Another law for the Overseas Pakistanis’ vote | Arab News

WITH the Supreme Court order of May 17 — issued in response to a presidential reference seeking clarifications on Article 63-A or the defection of legislators from their parliamentary party — a new, game-changing chapter has been added to the parliamentary history of Pakistan

Key Words: Overseas Pakistani’s voting, EVM, Elections Act, 2017

Accountability fails again | Dawn

WITH the Supreme Court order of May 17 — issued in response to a presidential reference seeking clarifications on Article 63-A or the defection of legislators from their parliamentary party — a new, game-changing chapter has been added to the parliamentary history of Pakistan

Key Words: Accountability, NAB, National Accountability (Second Amendment) Bill, 2021

Rewriting defection | Dawn

WITH the Supreme Court order of May 17 — issued in response to a presidential reference seeking clarifications on Article 63-A or the defection of legislators from their parliamentary party — a new, game-changing chapter has been added to the parliamentary history of Pakistan

Key Words: Article 63-A, Defection, Supreme Court

Is Pakistan’s water crisis simply a crisis of governance? | Arab News

At the time of its creation in 1947, Pakistan was fortunate to have abundant water resources with the mighty river Indus and five other tributary rivers forming the backbone

Key Words: Water Crisis, Governance Crisis

Who’ll miss the opposition? | Dawn

ALTHOUGH the question in the title is premature, some analysts seem to be worried about how the National Assembly will work without a large segment of the opposition whose members recently tendered their resignations

Key Words: PTI resignations, National Assembly, Opposition

A terrible idea for Pakistan’s former ruling party to resign from parliament | Arab...

As soon as it became apparent that the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan could not be stalled any longer, he announced that all members of the National Assembly (MNAs) belonging to his party – PTI – would resign

Key Words: PTI resignations, NA Speaker, PTI

Defection and democracy | Dawn

THE National Assembly of Pakistan made history by successfully passing the first vote of no-confidence against a sitting prime minister in the country. Earlier, two attempts to unseat a prime minister — one against Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in 1989

Key Words: defection, Article 63-A, vote of no-confidence

A bumpy road ahead for new Pakistani leadership | Arab News

The unprecedented has happened. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, a sitting Prime Minister has been sent home 15 months ahead of the scheduled completion of his term through the constitutional and parliamentary device of the vote of no-confidence

Key Words: Coalition government, Imran Khan, PDM

Role of the Speaker | Dawn

IT proved to be a fateful Sunday. The deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, who was presiding over a sitting called specifically to vote on the no-confidence motion

Key Words: Ruling on No-Confidence motion, Deputy Speaker NA, Speaker NA

The morning after: What if no-confidence motion against Pakistani PM goes through? | Arab...

What will happen if the no-confidence resolution against the Prime Minister is successful in the National Assembly?

Key Words: No-Confidence, Reference on 63-A, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Prime Minister

Courting the courts | Dawn

MODERN democratic states generally operate through three distinct branches ie the legislature, the judiciary and the executive, with distinct areas of work

Key Words: No-Confidence, National Assembly, Prime Minister

ووٹنگ سے قبل تحریک عدم اعتماد کو کن مراحل سے گزرنا ہوگا؟ | ڈان

اپوزیشن جماعتوں کی جانب سے تحریک عدم اعتماد جمع کروانے کے بعد وزیرِاعظم کو عہدے سے ہٹانے کے آئینی اور قانونی عمل کا پہلا مرحلہ مکمل ہوچکا ہے۔ قومی اسمبلی ارکان کی کُل تعداد کے 20 فیصد یا 68 اراکین کی حمایت یافتہ اس تحریک عدم اعتماد کو تمام اراکین اسمبلی کو بھجوانا ضروری ہے۔

Key Words: Parliamentary budget process, budget, Parliament

Demystifying the motion | Dawn

WITH the submission of the notice for a no-confidence resolution by the opposition parties, the first step of the constitutional and legal process for a vote to remove the prime minister has been taken

Key Words: No-confidence, NA, Prime Minister

Is Pakistan’s neutrality on Ukraine against national interests? | Arab News

One may accept it as an unfortunate coincidence that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent official visit to Russia happened on the day President Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine

Key Words: Russia Ukraine War, UN, International Organizations

Government in waiting? | Dawn

POLITICS is once again on the upsurge in Pakistan. Both the ruling PTI and the opposition seem to have kicked off premature election campaigns

Key Words: PDM, PTI, PPP Long March,

Diluting electoral credibility | Dawn

IT is distressing to see the federal government legislating by presidential decree to the total exclusion of any consultative process both within and outside parliament

Key Words: Elections (Amendment) Ordinance, 2022, ECP, Ordinances

Guest Editorial: Chasing good governance | The News

The outburst of criticism both from the Opposition and some cabinet ministers on the recently-announced results of a performance review of 41 ministries has

Key Words: Performance Management System, PTI, Governance

Elections and the courts | Dawn

IT was very heartening to see the Supreme Court putting its foot down and refusing to interfere in the schedule of the second phase of KP local government election fixed by the ECP for March 31

Key Words: ECP, KP Local Government Elections

Measuring governance in Pakistan | Arab News

Making bureaucracies work has always been a challenge the world over. Even developed countries face this uphill task and continue to devise ways to improve the performance

Key Words: Performance Agreements, Governance, Cabinet Ministers

Taking legislation lightly | Dawn

THE events in the Senate last week once again demonstrated that, with some notable exceptions, our honourable legislators, whether from the ruling party or the opposition

Key Words: SBP Amendment Bill, Legislation, Parliament

Pakistan slipping lower in corruption index is a bombshell revelation | Arab News

It was like a bombshell had hit the government, and its carefully cultivated image of a party fighting against corruption

Key Words: Corruption Perception, Pakistan, PTI

اپوزیشن لیڈر سے مشاورت وزیرِاعظم کی مرضی نہیں ذمہ داری ہے | ڈان

وزیرِاعظم عمران خان نے ایک بار پھر اپنے دوٹوک انداز میں اعلان کیا ہے کہ وہ قائد حزبِ اختلاف شہباز شریف کے ساتھ کسی قسم کی بات چیت نہیں کریں گے

Key Words: Prime Minister, PM consultation, Leader of the Opposition

Prime minister’s responsibility | Dawn

ONCE again, in his characteristically blunt style, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that he would not engage in talks with Leader of the Opposition

Key Words: Imran Khan, Opposition, Consultation

Learning from the avoidable Murree tragedy | Arab News

Accidents do happen despite careful planning, even in organized societies boasting developed infrastructure and trained staff

Key Words: Murree tragedy, Governance, Tourism

Scrutiny and beyond | Dawn

THE much-discussed seven-year-old foreign funding case reached a major milestone about a month ago when the scrutiny committee constituted by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) submitted its report

Key Words: Foreign Funding Case; PTI, ECP

Overseas Pakistanis can vote, but how? | Arab News

In a fitting close to the year, finally the President of Pakistan signed this month the historic Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2021,  earlier passed by a joint sitting of the two houses of parliament into an act of parliament

Key Words: Overseas Pakistanis Voting, ECP

Local government’s return | Dawn

THE new cycle of local government elections in Pakistan started with a bang. Though delayed by more than a year, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the first province to undergo the first phase of LG elections in 17 districts on Dec 19

Key Words: Local Government, KP, PTI

The Sindh-centre strain | Dawn

RELATIONS between Islamabad and Karachi are on the boil. To an extent, it is understandable as the two governments are run by rival political parties — the PTI and PPP

Key Words: Sindh Government, Federal Government, Centre-Province Relations

EVM law: what next? | Dawn

FINALLY, the law has been passed by parliament. The government hopes that things will now move swiftly and that the law will ensure that the next general election scheduled in about 24 months is conducted using Electronic Voting Machines

Key Words: Parliament, EVM, ECP

A parliament in a hurry | Dawn

THERE may be many things wrong about the joint sitting of parliament that took place on Nov 17

Key Words: Parliament, EVM, Overseas Voting, ECP

The defining moment for Pakistan’s election commission is here | Arab News

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released two extraordinary and somewhat explosive enquiry reports last week.

Key Words: ECP, PTI, PMLN, Electoral System

Accountability compromised | Dawn

THE subject of accountability has always been emotive, deeply divisive and highly controversial in Pakistan

Key Words: Accountability, NAB, Pakistan, Rule of Law

Absentee young voters in Pakistan | Arab News

IT is common knowledge that overall voter turnout in Pakistan is traditionally quite low. At an average of 47 percent in the past 1o elections

Key Words: Voter Turnout, Youth Voter Turnout, Young Voters

No-trust resolution dynamics | Dawn

A NO-CONFIDENCE resolution is not necessarily a negative move. In fact, the only feature that distinguishes a democratic system from a dictatorial regime is a well-defined

Key Words: No confidence, CM Balochistan

The next 22 months | Dawn

ANY government would feel overwhelmed by the challenges it expects to face in the remaining 22 months of its 60-month term but more so in the case of the current PTI-led government

key words: Electoral reforms, DG ISI, PTI

Pakistan’s elusive local governments! | Arab News

NOTHING underscores the superficiality of Pakistani democracy better than the continuing absence of elected local governments across the country

key words: Local Governments, Governance, Pakistan

Challenges to legislation | Dawn

LEGISLATION is the primary function of the national parliament and provincial assemblies and that is exactly why these are called the legislatures

Key Words: Parliament, PTI, FATF

Confrontations between Pakistan government and election commission may lead to systemic change | Arab...

The ongoing confrontation between the government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is unprecedented. Opposition political parties criticized ECP in the past but this is probably the first time in the history of Pakistan

key words: Electoral Reforms, ECP, PTI

Other electoral reforms | Dawn

DEBATES, commentaries and analyses about Electronic Voting Machines have been dominating the print and electronic media over the past three months or so, and it is likely that the subject will continue to take centre stage in the political discourse for the better part of the remaining two years of the present government’s term

key words: Electoral Reforms, PTI, Parliament

Imagining the next election | Dawn

THE fourth year of the government has barely begun but the prospects of the next election, which is not scheduled before the autumn of 2023, are already being widely discussed

key words: General Election 2023, ECP, Census 2017

Pakistan’s parliament in three years of PTI rule | Arab News

BOTH the fifteenth National Assembly of Pakistan and the PTI-led federal government completed their three years just five days apart; the assembly on August 12 and the government on August 17, 2021

key words: PTI, 3 Years Performance, Parliamentary Performance

AGP’s appointment | Dawn

THE auditor general of Pakistan (AGP) has just retired and, at the time of writing, the government must be going through the process of appointing a new full-time AGP

key words: AGP, Appointment, PTI

Defending intra-party differences | Dawn

THE so-called ‘two narratives’, or opposing point of views, within the PML-N have drawn the attention of the media and political opponents

key words: PML-N, Intra-party differences, Political Parties

India’s UNSC presidency and why it won’t hurt Pakistan | Arab News

Ordinarily, the election of a country as President of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) should be a routine affair and not merit much discussion but there are reasons that the recent election of India to this coveted position for the month of August is being debated

key words: UNSC, India, Pakistan

Not on talking terms | Dawn

THE five-member Election Commission of Pakistan is once again lacking its full strength after members belonging to Punjab and KP retired on July 26

key words: ECP, PTI, PML-N

A toxic discourse | Dawn

THE recent campaigning for the Legislative Assembly election in Azad Jammu & Kashmir has taken political confrontation to a new low

key words: AJK Elections, PTI, Polarisation

International obligations | Dawn

IN this age of globalisation, nations are voluntarily giving up a part of their legislative sovereignty to supranational entities like the European Union (EU) and global agencies like the UN

key words: FATF, Legislation, PTI, Parliament

Politics of overseas Pakistanis’ vote | Arab News

SINCE 1993, the question of enabling overseas Pakistanis to vote in Pakistani elections from their respective countries of residence has been hanging fire

key words: I-Voting, Overseas Pakistanis, Voting

Thoughts on the opposition | Dawn

THERE has been frequent and sometimes harsh criticism of the PTI-led federal government for its performance and quality of governance since the beginning of its tenure

key words: Opposition, Performance, Federal budget

Controversial poll reforms | Dawn

ARGUABLY the most controversial package of electoral reform proposals in the history of Pakistan is halfway through the parliamentary cycle to become a law

key words: Electoral Reforms, PTI, Parliament

The UNGA special session on corruption fell way short of expectations | Arab News

THE United Nations General Assembly just concluded a unique special session from June 2 to June 4. It was the first ever session devoted to the issue of corruption in the history of the Assembly

key words: Corruption, UNGA, UNCAC

Test case of political finance | Dawn

THE regulation of political finance (PF) offers one of the greatest challenges to democracies around the world

key words: Political Finance, Political Parties, ECP

Technology and elusive electoral credibility | Arab News

The federal government under the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to be in over-drive mode to introduce technology in electoral processes before the next general election due in 2023

Key words: EVM, ECP, Technology in Elections

Cabinet or a deck of cards? | Dawn

MORE than halfway into his five-year term, Prime Minister Imran Khan reshuffled his cabinet for the sixth time on April 16

key words: 6th Reshuffle in Federal Cabinet, PM

How to mismanage an alliance | Dawn

THE Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), the most recent of the alliances of opposition political parties, is facing an existential threat. The ANP, one of the 10 constituent parties, has already announced its decision to dissociate itself from the alliance

ket words: PDM Alliance, Opposition Parties

Meeting in quarantine: The wrong message | Arab News

It was unexpected and shocking when Prime Minister Imran Khan, four days into quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus infection, chose to chair a meeting of his media team at his Bani Gala residence

key words : PM, COVID-19, Meeting in Quarantine

A price for independence | Dawn

IT was simply unprecedented. Three senior ministers of the government of Pakistan addressed a press conference using the official premises of the Press Information Department and demanded the resignation of the entire Election Commission of Pakistan

key words: Election Commission, ECP, ECP powers

ECP: the sleeping giant? | Arab News

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has generally been criticized over its perceived or real inability to hold credible elections. The results of the last two general elections are bitterly contested till even today

key words: ECP powers, Senate Election, SC

By-election fiasco | Dawn

BY-ELECTIONS do spring surprises occasionally but despite the uncertainty about individual contests, these are considered sedate affairs in a democracy as, unlike a general election, the formation of a government is not at stake

key words: By-election 2021, Daska, Election Management, ECP

Open or secret? | Dawn

THE Senate of Pakistan has existed since the 1973 Constitution was passed by the fifth legislature of the country. During this time, the election of senators has always been held through secret ballot

key words: Senate Election, Voting, Constitution

Foreign funding consequences | Dawn

FOUR major political parties of Pakistan, including the ruling party, are facing charges of receiving prohibited funds from foreign sources

key words: Foreign Funding of Political Parties, PTI Foreign Funding case

PDM U-turns and possible opportunities | Arab News

The 10-party opposition alliance known as the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was considering, not so long ago, that it would resign from the National Assembly and four provincial Assemblies under the mistaken belief that this would render the Senate electoral college incomplete and in turn

key words: PDM, Opposition Parties, PTI

Debate on ordinances | Dawn

THE good news is that the debate on the use of ordinances as the preferred mode of legislation in Pakistan has recently gained momentum

key words: Ordinances, Legislation, Parliament

Challenges of Governance in the New Decade | Global Village Space

Governance and its improvement are of critical importance to Pakistan. Pakistan ranks among bottom one-fifth of over 200 countries and territories of the world in quality of governance on the World Bank

key words: Quality of Governance, Pakistan, Challenges, WGI 2020

Preparing to govern in Pakistan: the case for shadow cabinets | Arab News

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently invited a great deal of criticism by admitting that he and his party, PTI, were not ready to govern the country when they won the election in July 2018

key words: Shadow cabinets, Governance, Democracy, Political Parties

Evaluation performance | dawn

TWO extraordinary things happened on Dec 22 — in the context of chasing elusive good governance in Pakistan

key words: PTI, Governance, Performance Agreements, Federal Cabinet

A risky plan | Dawn

IF the Senate election takes place in March 2021 as scheduled, the PTI is likely to emerge as the largest party in the house, displacing the PML-N from that position

key words: Senate election, PDM resignations

Pakistan’s obsession with elusive accountability | Arab News

Accountability has been political Pakistan’s obsession from day one – literally

key words: NAO, NAB, Accountability

Poll reforms, again | Dawn

PRIME MINISTER Imran Khan has once again expressed his intention to introduce three key electoral reforms

key words: ECP, Electoral reforms, PTI

Bitter political play in Pakistan has dampened COVID-19 containment | Arab News

During the last nine months, the details and extent of playing politics right in the middle of the pandemic are different in different societies

key words: COVID-19, NCOC, Federal and Provincial Governments

Dialogue? What Dialogue? | Arab News

As the confrontation between the ruling coalition and the combined opposition seems to be intensifying and crossing all limits, saner elements in the political parties and beyond are getting worried about the possible outcome of the war of words being waged on national and social media 24/7

Key Words: Government and Opposition, Polarisation, PDM

Production orders | Dawn

THE subject of production orders for detained legislators is once again in the headlines

key words: Production Order, Speaker, Parliament

What next for Imran Khan’s ‘State of Medina?’ | Arab News

Catchy slogans sell way more than a well-thought out and immaculately structured manifesto in an election in Pakistan

Key Words: State of Madina, PTI, Slogans

High time parliament said ‘aye’ for new voting system | Arab News

Pakistan needs a new parliamentary vote-counting system as the flawed one it has once again came into focus during the passage of the controversial Islamabad Capital Territory Waqf Properties Bill 2020 on Sept. 16

key words: Voting system in Parliament, Vote Count, Parliament

Disturbing trends in legislation | Dawn

SEPT 16 was another sad day in parliament when legislators from the treasury and the opposition almost came to blows while the opposition openly expressed lack of trust in the speaker

Key Words: FATF, NAB, Legislation

Advisers, SAPMs and cabinet | Dawn

THE recent nine-page judgement of the Islamabad High Court regarding the alleged illegal exercise of executive powers by an adviser to the prime minister has clarified many legal questions

Key Words: IHC judgement, Advisors and Special Assistants, Federal Cabinet

Evaluating the performance of Balochistan assembly | Arab News

I have been observing the national and provincial legislatures in Pakistan and abroad for nearly two decades

key words: Balochistan Assembly, Performance, Provincial Assemblies

Parliamentary performance | Dawn

THE 15th National Assembly completed two years on Aug 17. Its performance during this period has been the subject of discussion in the past few days

key words: Performance, Parliament, First 2 Years of National Assembly

Politics of dual nationality | Arab News

Two parallel thought streams have been flowing in Pakistan regarding the public place of overseas Pakistanis and, more specifically, those who have acquired the nationality of a foreign country

Key Words: Election, Dual Nationals, Constitution

The reason why debate on 18th Amendment refuses to die | Arab News

The 18th Amendment became part of Pakistan’s constitution about ten years ago when President Asif Ali Zardari signed it on 19th April 2010

Key Words: 18th amendment, Revisit, Parliament

Performance debate | Dawn

SUDDENLY, the debate on government performance seems to be all over the place. On second thoughts, it may not be so sudden

key words: PTI, Governance Performance, 100 days agenda

How much should legislators be paid? | Arab News

Around mid-June, the Senate Standing Committee on Finance unanimously cleared an amendment to the Members of Parliament (Salaries and Allowances) Act that allowed the family members of parliamentarians to avail air tickets un-utilized by parliamentarians

Key Words: Salaries & Allowances of MPs, Perks of MPs, Parliament

The hollowness of Pakistan’s budget exercise | Arab News

June is budget time in Pakistan. The financial year closes on June 30 and a fresh authorization is needed from the national and provincial assemblies to collect and spend money for the new year

Key Words: Federal Budget 2020-21, Weaknesses in Parliamentary Budget Process

Parliamentary scrutiny? | Dawn

VERY few people realise that the budget for the next financial year (2020-21) will, for the first time since the adoption of the 1973 Constitution

Key Words:Parliamentary budget process, Federal Budget 2020-21, Public Finance Management Act 2019

Questions of judicial overreach and governance in Pakistan | Arab News

Judiciary-executive relations have been traditionally uneasy in Pakistan

Key Words: SC overreach, Governance, COVID-19

Virtual or real? | Dawn

THE British House of Commons reconvened on April 21, 2020, after the Easter recess and straightaway adopted a motion to hold its sittings under a ‘hybrid model’

Key Words:Parliament, Virtual Sessions, COVID-19

Democracy and disaster management | Arab News

When US President Donald Trump recently called Prime Minister Imran Khan and offered to send some ventilators to Pakistan to help it cope with the coronavirus pandemic

Key Words: Democracy, COVID-19, Pakistan

Parliament in times of COVID-19 | Arab News

Should parliament continue working despite the coronavirus pandemic? At least some civil society organizations in Pakistan

Key Words: COVID-19, Parliament, Committee

Is it time for a new province in Pakistan? | Arab News

The idea of a new South Punjab province is once again making news. The ruling party, PTI, announced on March 11 its intention to table a constitutional amendment bill in the parliament in April aimed at the creation of such a province

Key Words: South Punjab, LG, New Province

State of the opposition in Pakistan | Arab News

It is one of those times in our political history when the opposition is at least numerically very strong in the parliament and provincial assemblies

Key Words: Opposition, Performance, Democracy

The new ECP’s challenges | Dawn

THE five-member Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is finally complete after a painful and protracted process of consultation between the government and the opposition to fill three vacancies including that of the chief election commissioner

key words: ECP, Appointments in EC, Voter Turnout

Fatal fault lines | Arab News

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has not even completed the first eighteen months of its term

Key Words: PTI Allies, In-house Change, Parliament

Without due process | Dawn

WEAKNESSES generally associated with the legislative process in our country were once again exposed during the passage of amendments to the army, air force and navy acts in parliament recently

Key Words: Extension of Army Chief, SC, Parliament

Are Pakistan’s government and opposition ready to reconcile? | Arab News

Even if one believes that the two main opposition political parties were coerced into supporting recent amendments in military acts which unambiguously authorize the Prime Minister to grant an extension to service chiefs

Key Words: Opposition, PTI, Reconcilitation, NAB Ordinance, NAO

Anti-government agitation | Dawn

MAULANA Fazlur Rehman’s recent Azadi March on Islamabad was not a new phenomenon, as anti-government agitations have been a part of Pakistan’s political journey since its inception

Key Words: Azadi March, JUI-F, Opposition

Was Fazlur Rehman’s ‘Azadi March’ a complete failure? | Arab News

Fazlur Rehman’s ‘Azadi March’ which landed in Islamabad on Oct. 31, was the most recent of many other so-called ‘long marches’ on the federal capital in the last decade

Key Words: Azadi March, Opposition, JUI-F

Ordinances over the years | Dawn

PAKISTAN is one of the few democratic countries which have the dubious distinction of having the power to legislate by executive decree

Key Words: Ordinances, Legislation, History, Parliament

Foreign funding in politics: Laws vs. implementation | Arab News

The three largest political parties in Pakistan - PTI, PMLN and PPP- which command 86 percent of total membership in the National Assembly

Key Words: Foreign Funding of Political Parties, PTI Foreign Funding case, ECP

What do marches on Islamabad mean? | Arab News

Fazl ur Rehman’s protest march is not the first of its kind but it sure is the latest in a series of marches and agitations seeking to dislodge the government in Pakistan

Key Words: Azadi March, JUI-F, Opposition

Credibility of accountability | Dawn

AMID the current political turmoil, accountability and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) figure most prominently

Key Words: Accountability, NAB, Pakistan

Ordinances vs democracy | Dawn

IF there is a least democratic feature of our democratic Constitution, it is the power given to the executive to legislate in case parliament is not in session

Key Words: Ordinances, Legislation, Parliament

Punjab CM doesn’t have much longer to prove himself ? | Arab News

The performance of the provincial government in Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province, under Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has been a source of concern for many in the ruling PTI party

Key Words: CM Punjab, Governance, Punjab

Prepared for governance? | Dawn

PRIME MINISTER Imran Khan has been widely praised for delivering a powerful and impressive speech at the UN General Assembly on Sept 27

Key Words: Governance, PTI, Performance

Chief Justice Khosa’s critique of the government is telling | Arab News

It is ironic that barely six days after Pakistan’s top judge said in a speech that he found concerns being raised about the “muzzling of the print and electronic media

Key Words: SC, Asif Saeed Khosa, Critique, PTI

One year on, PTI’s legislative agenda must gather speed | Arab News

When Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan launched his party’s 100-day agenda roughly two months before the general election last year

Key Words: Governance Performance, PTI, Manifesto

Missing ECP members | Dawn

LAST Sunday, Aug 25, marked the completion of eight months during which two of the four positions of the members of the Election Commission of Pakistan remained unfilled despite the constitutional provision

Key Words: EC Appointments, ECP, PTI, Opposition

The case of dual nationals | Dawn

IS Pakistan ready to allow persons holding dual nationality to become members of its parliament?

Key Words: Dual Nationality and Elections, Parliament, Overseas Pakistanis, Constitution

Should dual citizenship holders contest elections in Pakistan? | Arab News

Perhaps it was the impressively large gathering of Pakistani-Americans at the Capital One Arena in Washington DC during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the US

Key Words: Dual Nationality and Elections, Parliament, Overseas Pakistanis, Constitution

The Assembly’s first year / Dawn

‘NAYA’ (or ‘new’) Pakistan’ has been one of the most popular slogans of the PTI as has ‘tabdeeli’ (or ‘change’)

Key Words: 1st Year Performance of 15th NA, National Assembly, Parliamentary Monitoring

After the no-trust vote | Daw

WHILE the aftershocks of the Senate’s no-trust vote of Aug 1 are still being felt, it seems that some good may also have come of the exercise as a number of important and pertinent questions are being asked and reforms being suggested

Key Words: No Trust Vote, Chairman Senate, No confidence

Policy reversals during PTI’s first year | Arab News

August 17 will mark the completion of the first year of the PTI federal government in Pakistan, with the performance of the government being discussed at various levels

Key Words: Governance Performance, PTI, 1st Year of PTI

Leaked videos implicating judges are nothing new, or simple, in Pakistan | Arab News

The release of an explosive video which shows possible evidence of a wrongful conviction of jailed ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by an accountability judge

Key Words: Arshad Malik Leaked Video, Judges, Accountability

Defection season? | Dawn

IS the season of defections here again? Media reports regarding 15 PML-N members of the Punjab Assembly calling on Prime Minister Imran Khan a week ago gave rise to speculations of possible defections or formation of a ‘forward bloc’

Key Words: Defections, PML-N, Forward Block, PTI

Reasons for tax evasion in Pakistan | Arab News

In the face of a widening gap between revenue and expenditure, Pakistan is rightly concerned about increasing its money flow

Key Words: Tax Evasion, Tax Collection, FBR

Flawed budget process | Dawn

THIS is the annual budget season. Federal and provincial budgets have either been presented or will soon be presented

Key Words: Parliamentary Budget Process, Parliament, Budget

New Local Governments Could Usher In PTI’s Promised Revolution | Arab News

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) led provincial assemblies in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces, which together constitute 70% of the entire country’s population, passed local government bills in April

Key Words: LG Laws, Punjab, KP, Local Governments, PTI

Unintended consequences of more parliamentary seats for tribal areas | Arab News

The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), located along the northwestern region of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan

Key Words: FATA, 25th Coinstitutional Amendment

The politics and optics of Pakistan’s cabinet reshuffle / Arab News

Just eight months into his five year term, Prime Minister Imran Khan considered it fit to undertake the first major reshuffle in his cabinet

Key Words: Reshuffle in PTI Federal Cabinet, PTI

Two faces of democracy | Dawn

IT seems that a section of population in Pakistan is perpetually infatuated by the presidential form of government

Key Words: Presidential Vs Parliamentary System, Democracy in Pakistan

Indian election manifestos: What Pakistanis should know | Arab News

Starting this week, India will hold its general elections in seven phases until May 19th

Key Words: Indian Election, Party Manifestoes, Politics

Lawmakers’ pay | Dawn

A STORM of protest led by no less a person than the prime minister had engulfed the country after Punjab’s provincial assembly passed a bill on March 13 for increasing the salaries

Key Words: Salaries & emoluments of MPs, Perks of MPs, Parliament

Pakistan in the grey | Arab News

Pakistan’s National Action Plan, the government’s detailed plan established in 2015 to counter terrorist activities is in the news with renewed force after Pakistan was grey-listed by the Paris based Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Key Words: FATF, Grey List

Why not consult each other? | Dawn

TWO of the four members of the Election Commission of Pakistan retired on Jan 26, 2019, after completing their stipulated term of two and a half years

Key Words: Appointments in Election Commission, ECP Opposition

Production orders politics | Dawn

OF late, the term ‘production order’ has gained much greater currency in our political discourse than before

Key Words: Production Orders for MPs, Production order, Parliament

Return of the Politics of Enmity | Arab News

When Pakistan’s two major political parties – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)- signed the Charter of Democracy in 2006

Key Words: Political Polarisation, Civil-Military Relations, Pakistan politics

The first six months | Dawn

THE PTI-led federal government is set to complete its first six months today but the National Assembly which elected this government already passed the six-month milestone on Feb 12

Key Words: Performance of PTI Government, First 6 months, Governance

Inter-institutional dialogue, but how? | Dawn

THE realisation has been growing over the past few years that Pakistan needs some kind of dialogue among state institutions at the highest level

Key Words: Inter-Institutional Dialogue, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa

Justice Khosa’s proposal could open up a Pandora’s box for Pakistan | Arab News

Just a day before assuming office as the new Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa surprised many by proposing an inter-institutional dialogue and asked the President of Pakistan to convene it

Key Words: Inter-Institutional Dialogue, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa

Taking parliament seriously | Dawn

A FEW days ago, some of the leading television channels were almost simultaneously flashing the ‘breaking news’ that Prime Minister Imran Khan would be attending the National Assembly session

Key Words: Attendance of PM in Parliament, Parliament, PTI

Beyond the PAC stalemate | Dawn

FINALLY, it seems that the 15th National Assembly is ready to move forward

Key Words: PAC, Parliament, Opposition

Impartial accountability? | Dawn

LIKE free and fair elections, a fair system of accountability has also remained elusive in Pakistan

Key Words: Performance of NAB, Accountability, NAO

Decisions taken today could shape the politics of the future for Pakistan | Arab...

With 2018 coming to a close, there is increasing concern about the political scenarios that will unfold next year

Key Words: Assessment of Democracy 2018, PTI, Democracy

100 days on, several hurdles lie on the road ahead for the PTI |...

Today, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government completes its first 100 days in office

key words: 100 days of PTI Government, PTI, Governance

Parliament’s first 100 days | Dawn

ALTHOUGH parliament did not figure prominently in Imran Khan’s ‘first 100 days’ agenda —now, appropriately, the Prime Minister’s 100 Days Agenda

Key Words: Performance of 15th NA, First 100 days, Parliament

The by-election results | Dawn

IT is rare that by-election results generate as much interest and prompt as much commentary as was the case with the polls in the national and four provincial assemblies’ constituencies held on Oct 14 and 21

Key Words: 2018 By-election, Fairness of polls, ECP

How big should the cabinet be? | Dawn

RECENTLY, Prime Minister Imran Khan expanded his cabinet. It has led to a fresh round of questions asked each time a cabinet is formed or expanded

Key Words: Size of Cabinet, Constitution

The challenges of election day | Dawn

ONE must confess that, despite all the hard work of the Election Commission, a dark cloud of suspicion did hang over polling day on July 25

key words: Fairness of GE2018; Election-Day Management, ECP

A test for election observers | Dawn

IN a tight election race like the one we are witnessing in Pakistan ahead of July 25 and amidst allegations of ‘pre-poll rigging’ and ‘absence of a level playing field

Key Words: Election Observation, GE2018, International Observers

Polls under international scrutiny | Dawn

INTERNATIONAL election observers are now widely accepted across the globe especially in democracies which have yet to establish the credibility of their institutions including of their election-management bodies

Key Words: Election Observation, Fairness of GE 2018, International Observers

Evolution of caretakers | Dawn

THE original 1973 Constitution had no stipulations for a caretaker government, which is why no provision existed at that time for the dissolution of the National Assembly by the president in his discretion

Key Words: Caretaker Government, Constitution, ECP

Do we really need caretakers? | Dawn

PAKISTAN is in search of caretaker cabinets both at the centre and in the four provinces

Key Words: Caretaker Governments, Constitution

Institutional Capacity and Governance in Pakistan: A Case Study of Parliament | Wilson Center

Pakistan’s constitution provides for a federal parliamentary system of government, with a president as head of state and a prime minister as head of government

key words: Performance of Parliament, Wilson Center

Prospects of a fair election | Dawn

UNTIL recently, observers of the electoral process here agreed that Pakistan was heading towards one of the most well-organised, free and fair general elections in its history

Key Words: Fairness of GE 2018, Election Observation, ECP

Eight years on | Dawn

IT was eight years ago on April 19, 2010, that then president Asif Zardari signed the Constitution (Eighteenth) Amendment Bill, 2010, into law after its unanimous passage in the two houses of parliament

Key Words: 18th Amendment, PCCR, Parliament

Financing poll campaigns | Dawn

THE approaching general election is expected to be different from the previous 10 elections in many ways

Key Words: Elections, Political Finance, Electoral Campaigns

Money and politics | Dawn

ALTHOUGH the Senate election is finally concluded despite all the apprehensions expressed over the past one year regarding a possible postponement on one ground or the other

Key Words: Role of Money, Senate Elections, Constitution

Poll transparency reversed | Dawn

THE Elections Act, 2017, passed by parliament and signed into law by the president of Pakistan in Oct­ober 2017, has been rightly hailed as a major mil­estone in electoral reforms in Pakistan

key words: Elections Act, 2017, Electoral Reforms, ECP

The march of democracy | Dawn

WITH the announcement of a polling date for 52 seats of the 104-member Senate by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the uncertainty about the Senate election, and the electoral process in Pakistan in general

key words: Senate Elections 2018, Quality of Democracy, Democracy in Pakistan

A gulf that must be bridged | Dawn

CIVIL-MILITARY tensions are not a new development in Pakistan. We have lived with this phenomenon for decades and have seen four spells of military rule

key words: Civil Military Relations, NSC

Critical times for parliament | Dawn

THE recent appearance of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, before a Supreme Court bench in Karachi to explain the poor state of drinking water supply and sewerage systems in his province once again illustrates a major imbalance that has occurred among the three branches of the state

key words: Parliamentary Committees, Parliament, Water and Sanitation

Legislators’ vanishing act | Dawn

POOR attendance by a sizeable number of members of the national parliament and the provincial assemblies in Pakistan is almost a norm and so is the frequent interruption in parliamentary proceedings due to lack of quorum

key words: MPs Attendance, Parliament, National Assembly

Elusive consensus | Dawn

THE quest again seems to be on for a consensus on a new accountability law. Initially, the major political parties had appeared to agree on repealing the existing National Accountability Ordinance, 1999

key words: NAO, NAB, Accountability

Poll law confusion | Dawn

RECENT events in the two houses of parliament in the capital have once again exposed the weaknesses of the legislative process and the lack of interest shown by most parliamentarians in an important function which bestows on them the title of ‘legislators’

key words: Electoral Reforms, Parliament, ECP

Parliament & accountability | Dawn

AFTER the Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified Nawaz Sharif as prime minister, a welcome debate has focused on the role of the various institutions in installing a robust system of accountability and making that system work

key words: Parliament, Accountability Laws, NAB

Episode or system? | Dawn

EVERY few years, we in Pakistan hold a powerful individual or a group of individuals to account through extraordinary arrangements

key words: Accountability, Accountability in Pakistan

Law to regulate budget | Dawn

DESPITE all the protests, walkouts and boycotts by the opposition, the National Assembly has passed the federal budget for the next financial year

key words: Parliamentary Budget Process, NA, Federal Budget

Voting from abroad | Dawn

VOTING is an emotive and long-standing issue for some eight million overseas Pakistanis scattered around 140 countries

key words: Oversease voting, ECP, I-Voting, Electoral Reforms

The case of EVMs | Dawn

ELECTRONIC voting machines (EVMs) seem to have gained greater currency, and popularity as well, in our electoral discourse over the past few years

key words: EVM, Electoral Reforms, ECP

Owning the fight | Dawn

IT was only through an ISPR press release that the nation came to know that the Pakistan Army had launched Operation Raddul Fasaad across the country

key words: Civil Military Relations, ISPR, Operation Raddul Fasasd

Who pays for the brawls? | Dawn

ON Jan 26, the National Assembly witnessed an ugly brawl involving quite a few honourable members of the house from the PML-N and the PTI, along with at least one independent member

key words: National Assembly, Ruckus, MPs

Where are the women voters? | Dawn

AS we get closer to 2018 when the current national and provincial assemblies complete their five-year term, several election-related issues are attracting the attention of decision-makers and other stakeholders

key words: Women Voters, ECP, Electoral Rolls

Give LGs a chance | Dawn

LOCAL governments are important for the entire country but carry special significance for the largest province in the federation — Punjab

key words: Local Government, Punjab, LG

How many ministers? | Dawn

WHAT the size of a cabinet of ministers should be is a question of both public and media interest, and a subject of frequent discussions in many countries

key words: Size of Federal Cabinet, Constitution

Women’s legislative performance | Dawn

EVER since almost 17 per cent of seats in Pakistan’s directly elected legislatures were reserved for women, a pattern has emerged of women legislators performing better than their male counterparts in the national parliament and the provincial legislatures over the last 13 years

key words: Women MPs, Performance, 14th National Assembly

One after another | Dawn

THE recent multiparty conference (MPC) convened by the prime minister on Oct 3 settled, among other things, that the National Security Committee of Parliament be reconstituted to coordinate efforts

key words: NSC, Civil Military Relations

Running the political engine | Dawn

THERE are ample signs that money in politics, or ‘political finance’, will assume much greater importance in the next general election and even during the run-up to the election

key words: Political Financing, Political Parties, Assets and Liabilities, ECP

Remember electoral reforms? | Dawn

THE Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms which was constituted on July 25, 2014 to submit its report by Oct 24, 2014, seems to have set some kind of a record by overshooting its target date by a full 23 months

key words: Electoral Reforms, ECP, Parliament

Parliament’s inertia on NAP | Dawn

SELDOM has Pakistan seen such open and repeated finger-pointing between the civil and military leadership as on the question of the implementation of the National Action Plan against terrorism

key words; National Action Plan, NAP, Parliament

Transparent leaders | Dawn

LEGISLATORS’ statements of assets and liabilities are once again in the news, after the leaked Panama Papers raised serious questions about the financial transparency of political leadership in Pakistan

key words: Assets and Liabilities, Legislators, ECP

Is a commission enough? | Dawn

The Panama leaks have led to the welcome development of corruption at high places being widely discussed, debated and condemned in the media, public and parliament

key words: Panama Papers, Accountability

The right to information | Dawn

AFTER the new governments of KP and Punjab passed their respective, internationally acclaimed Right to Information (RTI) laws and established their independent information commissions in 2013

key words: RTI

Absent from the house | Dawn

PARLIAMENT in Pakistan posted some noticeable improvements during 2015 including greater transparency in members’ attendance records

key words: Attendance in Parliament, Performance of National Assembly

The calculus of ordinances | Dawn

THE promulgation of the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (Conversion) Ordinance on Dec 7, merely 48 hours before the National Assembly was to begin its session, has once again stoked debate on how democratic is the practice of legislating through presidential decree

key words: Ordinances, India, Pakistan

Whither NSC? | Dawn

A RECENT ISPR press release alluding to poor governance by federal and provincial governments, and the rejoinder by the Prime Minister’s Office, once again underscored the urgent need for formal institutions of the state where diverse, and sometimes competing, views on national security can be discussed among various stakeholders

key words: National Security Committee, Civil Military Relations, Inter Institutional Relations, NSC

Faults of the electoral system | Dawn

THE decisions of the two election tribunals hearing poll petitions on the NA-122, Lahore-V and NA-154, Lodhran-I constituencies were announced in quick succession last month

key words: By-election 2015, ECP, Electoral Process

Election gone wrong | Dawn

BARELY six months after the Peshawar Army Public School tragedy that left almost 150 schoolchildren and others dead in a terrorist attack, some six million voters turned out to vote in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa local government election braving not only the terrorists’ threat but also the hot weather

key words: KP Local Government Elections 2015, ECP

Budget and the parliament | Dawn

THE National Assembly of Pakistan is about to go through its annual ritual of receiving and passing the federal budget — without, in all probability, any meaningful scrutiny, or budget-focused debate

key words: Parliamentary Budget Process, Federal Budget 2015-2016

Arbitrary changes | Dawn

THE Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) quietly changed its rules for by-elections in three national and provincial assembly constituencies on May 7, 2015

key words: By-election 2015, ECP, Electoral Process

Senate questions | Dawn

THE three-year democratic ritual of electing half the Senate is over but it has left a trail of questions that need to be discussed, debated and resolved in a democratic spirit

key words: Senate Elections 2015, FATA Senators, Electoral Reforms

Whither electoral reforms? | Dawn

ELECTORAL reforms once again seem to be disappearing from the federal government’s radar

key words: Electoral Reforms, 2013 Parliament

The way forward | Dawn

A FEW weeks ago, I had tried to summarise a case for some key electoral reforms proposals (‘A case for urgent poll reforms’) in this paper

key words: Electoral Reforms, 2013 Parliament

A case for urgent poll reforms | Dawn

Electoral reforms are at the centre of the on-going political crisis. Although the campaign against alleged electoral irregularities during the 2013 elections has snowballed into a full-blown movement against the current government

key words: Electoral Reforms, 2013 Parliament

Strains already | Dawn

The ISPR press release of April 7 demonstrated the communication gap between the political and military leadership

key words: Civil Military Relations, Nawaz Sharif

Delimitation in Karachi | Dawn

THE question of fresh delimitation of constituencies in Karachi ahead of the general election requires careful reconsideration by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)

key words: ECP, Delimitation in Karachi

Civil society engagement in democratic transition in Pakistan | United Nations University Press

Democracy in Pakistan has not been a linear process. The socio-political history of the nation has been punctuated by military rule and the ebb and flow of civil society agitation, largely in response to such martial leadership

key words: Democratic Transition, Pakistan, Civil Society

Through a Pakistani lens |

NEARLY four decades after the secession of East Pakistan – now Bangladesh – most Pakistanis continue to see Bangladesh and its experiments with democracy through a three-faceted prism

key words: Banglades, Economy, Role of Military



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