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A parliament in a hurry | Dawn

This article was published in Dawn News on November 20, 2021. It is available here: https://www.dawn.com/news/1659145/a-parliament-in-a-hurry THERE may be many things wrong about the joint sitting of...

The defining moment for Pakistan’s election commission is here | Arab News

This article was published in Arab News on November 19, 2021. It is available here: https://www.arabnews.pk/node/1971301 The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released two extraordinary...

Accountability compromised | Dawn

THE subject of accountability has always been emotive, deeply divisive and highly controversial in Pakistan

Key Words: Accountability, NAB, Pakistan, Rule of Law

Absentee young voters in Pakistan | Arab News

It is common knowledge that overall voter turnout in Pakistan is traditionally quite low. At an average of 47 percent in the past 1o elections

Key Words: Voter Turnout, Youth Voter Turnout, Young Voters

No-trust resolution dynamics | Dawn

Key Words:
No confidence
CM Balochistan

The next 22 months | Dawn

ANY government would feel overwhelmed by the challenges it expects to face in the remaining 22 months of its 60-month term but more so in the case of the current PTI-led government

key words: Electoral reforms, DG ISI, PTI

Pakistan’s elusive local governments! | Arab News

Nothing underscores the superficiality of Pakistani democracy better than the continuing absence of elected local governments across the country

key words: Local Governments, Governance, Pakistan

Challenges to legislation | Dawn

This article was published in Dawn on September 25, 2021 and is available at the following link https://www.dawn.com/news/1648321/challenges-to-legislation LEGISLATION is the primary function of the national...

Confrontations between Pakistan government and election commission may lead to systemic change | Arab News

The ongoing confrontation between the government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is unprecedented. Opposition political parties criticized ECP in the past but this is probably the first time in the history of Pakistan

key words: Electoral Reforms, ECP, PTI

Other electoral reforms | Dawn

DEBATES, commentaries and analyses about Electronic Voting Machines have been dominating the print and electronic media over the past three months or so, and it is likely that the subject will continue to take centre stage in the political discourse for the better part of the remaining two years of the present government’s term

key words: Electoral Reforms, PTI, Parliament

Imagining the next election | Dawn

THE fourth year of the government has barely begun but the prospects of the next election, which is not scheduled before the autumn of 2023, are already being widely discussed

key words: General Election 2023, ECP, Census 2017

Pakistan’s parliament in three years of PTI rule | Arab News

Both the fifteenth National Assembly of Pakistan and the PTI-led federal government completed their three years just five days apart; the assembly on August 12 and the government on August 17, 2021

key words: PTI, 3 Years Performance, Parliamentary Performance

AGP’s appointment | Dawn

THE auditor general of Pakistan (AGP) has just retired and, at the time of writing, the government must be going through the process of appointing a new full-time AGP

key words: AGP, Appointment, PTI

Defending intra-party differences | Dawn

THE so-called ‘two narratives’, or opposing point of views, within the PML-N have drawn the attention of the media and political opponents

key words: PML-N, Intra-party differences, Political Parties

India’s UNSC presidency and why it won’t hurt Pakistan | Arab News

Ordinarily, the election of a country as President of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) should be a routine affair and not merit much discussion but there are reasons that the recent election of India to this coveted position for the month of August is being debated

key words: UNSC, India, Pakistan

Not on talking terms | Dawn

THE five-member Election Commission of Pakistan is once again lacking its full strength after members belonging to Punjab and KP retired on July 26

key words: ECP, PTI, PML-N

A toxic discourse | Dawn

THE recent campaigning for the Legislative Assembly election in Azad Jammu & Kashmir has taken political confrontation to a new low

key words: AJK Elections, PTI, Polarisation

International obligations | Dawn

IN this age of globalisation, nations are voluntarily giving up a part of their legislative sovereignty to supranational entities like the European Union (EU) and global agencies like the UN

key words: FATF, Legislation, PTI, Parliament

Politics of overseas Pakistanis’ vote | Arab News

Since 1993, the question of enabling overseas Pakistanis to vote in Pakistani elections from their respective countries of residence has been hanging fire

key words: I-Voting, Overseas Pakistanis, Voting

Thoughts on the opposition | Dawn

THERE has been frequent and sometimes harsh criticism of the PTI-led federal government for its performance and quality of governance since the beginning of its tenure

key words: Opposition, Performance, Federal budget

Controversial poll reforms | Dawn

ARGUABLY the most controversial package of electoral reform proposals in the history of Pakistan is halfway through the parliamentary cycle to become a law

key words: Electoral Reforms, PTI, Parliament

The UNGA special session on corruption fell way short of expectations | Arab News

The United Nations General Assembly just concluded a unique special session from June 2 to June 4. It was the first ever session devoted to the issue of corruption in the history of the Assembly

key words: Corruption, UNGA, UNCAC

Test case of political finance | Dawn

THE regulation of political finance (PF) offers one of the greatest challenges to democracies around the world

key words: Political Finance, Political Parties, ECP

Technology and elusive electoral credibility | Arab News

The federal government under the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to be in over-drive mode to introduce technology in electoral processes before the next general election due in 2023

key words: EVM, ECP, Technology in Elections

Cabinet or a deck of cards? | Dawn

MORE than halfway into his five-year term, Prime Minister Imran Khan reshuffled his cabinet for the sixth time on April 16

key words: 6th Reshuffle in Federal Cabinet, PM

How to mismanage an alliance | Dawn

THE Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), the most recent of the alliances of opposition political parties, is facing an existential threat. The ANP, one of the 10 constituent parties, has already announced its decision to dissociate itself from the alliance

ket words: PDM Alliance, Opposition Parties

Meeting in quarantine: The wrong message | Arab News

It was unexpected and shocking when Prime Minister Imran Khan, four days into quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus infection, chose to chair a meeting of his media team at his Bani Gala residence

key words : PM, COVID-19, Meeting in Quarantine

A price for independence | Dawn

IT was simply unprecedented. Three senior ministers of the government of Pakistan addressed a press conference using the official premises of the Press Information Department and demanded the resignation of the entire Election Commission of Pakistan

key words: Election Commission, ECP, ECP powers

ECP: the sleeping giant? | Arab News

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has generally been criticized over its perceived or real inability to hold credible elections. The results of the last two general elections are bitterly contested till even today

key words: ECP powers, Senate Election, SC

By-election fiasco | Dawn

BY-ELECTIONS do spring surprises occasionally but despite the uncertainty about individual contests, these are considered sedate affairs in a democracy as, unlike a general election, the formation of a government is not at stake

key words: By-election 2021, Daska, Election Management, ECP

Open or secret? | Dawn

THE Senate of Pakistan has existed since the 1973 Constitution was passed by the fifth legislature of the country. During this time, the election of senators has always been held through secret ballot

key words: Senate Election, Voting, Constitution

Foreign funding consequences | Dawn

FOUR major political parties of Pakistan, including the ruling party, are facing charges of receiving prohibited funds from foreign sources

key words: Foreign Funding of Political Parties, PTI Foreign Funding case

PDM U-turns and possible opportunities | Arab News

The 10-party opposition alliance known as the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was considering, not so long ago, that it would resign from the National Assembly and four provincial Assemblies under the mistaken belief that this would render the Senate electoral college incomplete and in turn

key words: PDM, Opposition Parties, PTI

Debate on ordinances | Dawn

THE good news is that the debate on the use of ordinances as the preferred mode of legislation in Pakistan has recently gained momentum

key words: Ordinances, Legislation, Parliament

Challenges of Governance in the New Decade | Global Village Space

Governance and its improvement are of critical importance to Pakistan. Pakistan ranks among bottom one-fifth of over 200 countries and territories of the world in quality of governance on the World Bank key words: Quality of Governance, Pakistan, Challenges, WGI 2020

Preparing to govern in Pakistan: the case for shadow cabinets | Arab News

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently invited a great deal of criticism by admitting that he and his party, PTI, were not ready to govern the country when they won the election in July 2018

key words: Shadow cabinets, Governance, Democracy, Political Parties

Evaluation performance | dawn

TWO extraordinary things happened on Dec 22 — in the context of chasing elusive good governance in Pakistan

key words: PTI, Governance, Performance Agreements, Federal Cabinet

A risky plan | Dawn

IF the Senate election takes place in March 2021 as scheduled, the PTI is likely to emerge as the largest party in the house, displacing the PML-N from that position

key words: Senate election, PDM resignations

Pakistan’s obsession with elusive accountability | Arab News

Accountability has been political Pakistan’s obsession from day one – literally

key words: NAO, NAB, Accountability

Poll reforms, again | Dawn

PRIME MINISTER Imran Khan has once again expressed his intention to introduce three key electoral reforms

key words: ECP, Electoral reforms, PTI

Bitter political play in Pakistan has dampened COVID-19 containment | Arab News

During the last nine months, the details and extent of playing politics right in the middle of the pandemic are different in different societies, but political considerations have continued to dominate almost all multi-party democracies including Pakistan

key words: COVID-19, NCOC, Federal and Provincial Governments

Production orders | Dawn

THE subject of production orders for detained legislators is once again in the headlines

key words: Production Order, Speaker, Parliament

High time parliament said ‘aye’ for new voting system | Arab News

Pakistan needs a new parliamentary vote-counting system as the flawed one it has once again came into focus during the passage of the controversial Islamabad Capital Territory Waqf Properties Bill 2020 on Sept. 16

key words: Voting system in Parliament, Vote Count, Parliament

Evaluating the performance of Balochistan assembly | Arab News

I have been observing the national and provincial legislatures in Pakistan and abroad for nearly two decades

key words: Balochistan Assembly, Performance, Provincial Assemblies

Parliamentary performance | Dawn

HE 15th National Assembly completed two years on Aug 17. Its performance during this period has been the subject of discussion in the past few days

key words: Performance, Parliament, First 2 Years of National Assembly

Performance debate | Dawn

SUDDENLY, the debate on government performance seems to be all over the place. On second thoughts, it may not be so sudden

key words: PTI, Governance Performance, 100 days agenda

The new ECP’s challenges | Dawn

THE five-member Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is finally complete after a painful and protracted process of consultation between the government and the opposition to fill three vacancies including that of the chief election commissioner

key words: ECP, Appointments in EC, Voter Turnout

Decisions taken today could shape the politics of the future for Pakistan | Arab News

With 2018 coming to a close, there is increasing concern about the political scenarios that will unfold next year

Key Words: Assessment of Democracy 2018, PTI, Democracy

100 days on, several hurdles lie on the road ahead for the PTI | Arab News

Today, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government completes its first 100 days in office

key words: 100 days of PTI Government, PTI, Governance

The challenges of election day | Dawn

ONE must confess that, despite all the hard work of the Election Commission, a dark cloud of suspicion did hang over polling day on July 25

key words: Fairness of GE2018; Election-Day Management, ECP

Institutional Capacity and Governance in Pakistan: A Case Study of Parliament | Wilson Center

Pakistan’s constitution provides for a federal parliamentary system of government, with a president as head of state and a prime minister as head of government

key words: Performance of Parliament, Wilson Center

Poll transparency reversed | Dawn

THE Elections Act, 2017, passed by parliament and signed into law by the president of Pakistan in Oct­ober 2017, has been rightly hailed as a major mil­estone in electoral reforms in Pakistan

key words: Elections Act, 2017, Electoral Reforms, ECP

The march of democracy | Dawn

WITH the announcement of a polling date for 52 seats of the 104-member Senate by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the uncertainty about the Senate election, and the electoral process in Pakistan in general

key words: Senate Elections 2018, Quality of Democracy, Democracy in Pakistan

A gulf that must be bridged | Dawn

CIVIL-MILITARY tensions are not a new development in Pakistan. We have lived with this phenomenon for decades and have seen four spells of military rule

key words: Civil Military Relations, NSC

Critical times for parliament | Dawn

THE recent appearance of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, before a Supreme Court bench in Karachi to explain the poor state of drinking water supply and sewerage systems in his province once again illustrates a major imbalance that has occurred among the three branches of the state

key words: Parliamentary Committees, Parliament, Water and Sanitation

Legislators’ vanishing act | Dawn

POOR attendance by a sizeable number of members of the national parliament and the provincial assemblies in Pakistan is almost a norm and so is the frequent interruption in parliamentary proceedings due to lack of quorum

key words: MPs Attendance, Parliament, National Assembly

Elusive consensus | Dawn

THE quest again seems to be on for a consensus on a new accountability law. Initially, the major political parties had appeared to agree on repealing the existing National Accountability Ordinance, 1999

key words: NAO, NAB, Accountability

Poll law confusion | Dawn

RECENT events in the two houses of parliament in the capital have once again exposed the weaknesses of the legislative process and the lack of interest shown by most parliamentarians in an important function which bestows on them the title of ‘legislators’

key words: Electoral Reforms, Parliament, ECP

Parliament & accountability | Dawn

AFTER the Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified Nawaz Sharif as prime minister, a welcome debate has focused on the role of the various institutions in installing a robust system of accountability and making that system work

key words: Parliament, Accountability Laws, NAB

Episode or system? | Dawn

EVERY few years, we in Pakistan hold a powerful individual or a group of individuals to account through extraordinary arrangements

key words: Accountability, Accountability in Pakistan

Law to regulate budget | Dawn

DESPITE all the protests, walkouts and boycotts by the opposition, the National Assembly has passed the federal budget for the next financial year

key words: Parliamentary Budget Process, NA, Federal Budget

Voting from abroad | Dawn

VOTING is an emotive and long-standing issue for some eight million overseas Pakistanis scattered around 140 countries

key words: Oversease voting, ECP, I-Voting, Electoral Reforms

The case of EVMs | Dawn

ELECTRONIC voting machines (EVMs) seem to have gained greater currency, and popularity as well, in our electoral discourse over the past few years

key words: EVM, Electoral Reforms, ECP

Owning the fight | Dawn

IT was only through an ISPR press release that the nation came to know that the Pakistan Army had launched Operation Raddul Fasaad across the country

key words: Civil Military Relations, ISPR, Operation Raddul Fasasd

Who pays for the brawls? | Dawn

ON Jan 26, the National Assembly witnessed an ugly brawl involving quite a few honourable members of the house from the PML-N and the PTI, along with at least one independent member

key words: National Assembly, Ruckus, MPs

Where are the women voters? | Dawn

AS we get closer to 2018 when the current national and provincial assemblies complete their five-year term, several election-related issues are attracting the attention of decision-makers and other stakeholders

key words: Women Voters, ECP, Electoral Rolls

Give LGs a chance | Dawn

LOCAL governments are important for the entire country but carry special significance for the largest province in the federation — Punjab

key words: Local Government, Punjab, LG

How many ministers? | Dawn

WHAT the size of a cabinet of ministers should be is a question of both public and media interest, and a subject of frequent discussions in many countries

key words: Size of Federal Cabinet, Constitution

Women’s legislative performance | Dawn

EVER since almost 17 per cent of seats in Pakistan’s directly elected legislatures were reserved for women, a pattern has emerged of women legislators performing better than their male counterparts in the national parliament and the provincial legislatures over the last 13 years

key words: Women M

One after another | Dawn

THE recent multiparty conference (MPC) convened by the prime minister on Oct 3 settled, among other things, that the National Security Committee of Parliament be reconstituted to coordinate efforts

key words: NSC, Civil Military Relations

Running the political engine | Dawn

THERE are ample signs that money in politics, or ‘political finance’, will assume much greater importance in the next general election and even during the run-up to the election key words: Political Financing, Political Parties, Assets and Liabilities, ECP

Remember electoral reforms? | Dawn

THE Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms which was constituted on July 25, 2014 to submit its report by Oct 24, 2014, seems to have set some kind of a record by overshooting its target date by a full 23 months

key words: Electoral Reforms, ECP, Parliament

Parliament’s inertia on NAP | Dawn

SELDOM has Pakistan seen such open and repeated finger-pointing between the civil and military leadership as on the question of the implementation of the National Action Plan against terrorism

key words; National Action Plan, NAP, Parliament

Transparent leaders | Dawn

LEGISLATORS’ statements of assets and liabilities are once again in the news, after the leaked Panama Papers raised serious questions about the financial transparency of political leadership in Pakistan

key words: Assets and Liabilities, Legislators, ECP

Is a commission enough? | Dawn

The Panama leaks have led to the welcome development of corruption at high places being widely discussed, debated and condemned in the media, public and parliament

key words: Panama Papers, Accountability

The right to information | Dawn

AFTER the new governments of KP and Punjab passed their respective, internationally acclaimed Right to Information (RTI) laws and established their independent information commissions in 2013

key words: RTI

Absent from the house | Dawn

PARLIAMENT in Pakistan posted some noticeable improvements during 2015 including greater transparency in members’ attendance records

key words: Attendance in Parliament, Performance of National Assembly

The calculus of ordinances | Dawn

THE promulgation of the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (Conversion) Ordinance on Dec 7, merely 48 hours before the National Assembly was to begin its session, has once again stoked debate on how democratic is the practice of legislating through presidential decree

key words: Ordinances, India, Pakistan

Whither NSC? | Dawn

A RECENT ISPR press release alluding to poor governance by federal and provincial governments, and the rejoinder by the Prime Minister’s Office, once again underscored the urgent need for formal institutions of the state where diverse, and sometimes competing, views on national security can be discussed among various stakeholders

key words: National Security Committee, Civil Military Relations, Inter Institutional Relations, NSC

Faults of the electoral system | Dawn

THE decisions of the two election tribunals hearing poll petitions on the NA-122, Lahore-V and NA-154, Lodhran-I constituencies were announced in quick succession last month

key words: By-election 2015, ECP, Electoral Process

Election gone wrong | Dawn

BARELY six months after the Peshawar Army Public School tragedy that left almost 150 schoolchildren and others dead in a terrorist attack, some six million voters turned out to vote in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa local government election braving not only the terrorists’ threat but also the hot weather

key words: KP Local Government Elections 2015, ECP

Budget and the parliament | Dawn

THE National Assembly of Pakistan is about to go through its annual ritual of receiving and passing the federal budget — without, in all probability, any meaningful scrutiny, or budget-focused debate

key words: Parliamentary Budget Process, Federal Budget 2015-2016

Arbitrary changes | Dawn

THE Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) quietly changed its rules for by-elections in three national and provincial assembly constituencies on May 7, 2015

key words: By-election 2015, ECP, Electoral Process

Senate questions | Dawn

THE three-year democratic ritual of electing half the Senate is over but it has left a trail of questions that need to be discussed, debated and resolved in a democratic spirit

key words: Senate Elections 2015, FATA Senators, Electoral Reforms

Whither electoral reforms? | Dawn

ELECTORAL reforms once again seem to be disappearing from the federal government’s radar <>br
key words: Electoral Reforms, 2013 Parliament

The way forward | Dawn

A FEW weeks ago, I had tried to summarise a case for some key electoral reforms proposals (‘A case for urgent poll reforms’) in this paper

key words: Electoral Reforms, 2013 Parliament

A case for urgent poll reforms | Dawn

Electoral reforms are at the centre of the on-going political crisis. Although the campaign against alleged electoral irregularities during the 2013 elections has snowballed into a full-blown movement against the current government

key words: Electoral Reforms, 2013 Parliament

Strains already | Dawn

The ISPR press release of April 7 demonstrated the communication gap between the political and military leadership

key words: Civil Military Relations, Nawaz Sharif

Delimitation in Karachi | Dawn

THE question of fresh delimitation of constituencies in Karachi ahead of the general election requires careful reconsideration by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)

key words: ECP, Delimitation in Karachi

Civil society engagement in democratic transition in Pakistan | United Nations University Press

Democracy in Pakistan has not been a linear process. The socio-political history of the nation has been punctuated by military rule and the ebb and flow of civil society agitation, largely in response to such martial leadership

key words: Democratic Transition, Pakistan, Civil Society

Through a Pakistani lens | India-Seminar.com

NEARLY four decades after the secession of East Pakistan – now Bangladesh – most Pakistanis continue to see Bangladesh and its experiments with democracy through a three-faceted prism

key words: Banglades, Economy, Role of Military